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The metal packaging's development space is enormous

China has become the world's second-biggest metal packaging and metal packaging industry in China still has huge development space.New listed companies and leading enterprises are emerging.Enterprise modernization level and higher.

It is understood that the metal packaging is an important part of urban industries, with its special reinforcement, sealed storage, metal decorative charm and become an alternative to traditional packaging. Its output accounts for about 10% of the gross output value of China's packaging industry, mainly for food, canned food, drink, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and export industry to provide ancillary services such as gift wrap.

In 2011, the international packaging sales revenue of us $ 592.2 billion, with those for metal packaging for $ 102 billion, accounted for the entire package of 17%, per capita consumption of $ 13.6 trillion. The same period, metal packaging only 8% in China, per capita consumption is only $ 5. Therefore, the metal packaging throughout the packaging industry has huge development space. 2011 China metal packaging sales revenue of $ 10.85 billion, second only to United States $ 23.2 billion to become the world's second-biggest metal packaging.

Modernization of Chinese metal packaging equipment has in general the development and application of new technologies. Mainly in three aspects:

First, with the trend of global reduction, Some companies have successfully developed 0.12mm thickness 0.20mm cans, at the international forefront of the metal packaging industry. At the international forefront of the metal packaging industry.

Second, the two-piece industries: business investment enthusiasm of the introduction of foreign equipment, add new double capacity. In the next two or three years, the industry also will continue to invest in the introduction of foreign new two-piece high speed production lines more than 20 pieces of.

Thirdly, the printing industry in recent years, many companies have introduced the most advanced 4-6 high-speed color printing machine, filling the domestic blank printing unit.

Three traction push the metal packaging industry rapid development

First, the metal packaging compared to other packaging materials with the world recognized as safe, easy processing, green, three notable features. Thin light weight reduction, become world packaging materials, innovative trend gradually welcomed by the market.

Secondly, the metal packaging can provide excellent protection for the contents, to ensure product quality for a long time. Because the metal has not good tightness and opacity, can effectively prevent content from being photo-oxidation and prevent the intrusion of pollutants. Meanwhile, the metal packaging can extend the shelf-life of food shelf life and, no matter what the contents, the metal packaging product shelf life can be more than 1 year, it is an advantage for other packaging are not up to.

Third, food FMCG growth of metal packaging industry, the rapid development of the first traction, direct performance is the fast rate of growth, beer cans of the drink and the high demand of the metal cans of milk powder, and so on.

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