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2015 prospects for the metal packaging industry in China

Metal packaging industry as an important component of China's packaging industry, because their products have good recyclability, re-use and recycling of, belongs to the typical green packaging products.Position in the packaging industry in China has steadily improved in recent years, accounted for a steady improving trend.In 2014,metal packaging industry sales volume in China accounted for about 10.1% packaging industry sales as a whole.On a global scale, the proportion is about 19%. Although the metal packaging industry in China in the 1980 of the 20th century has been showing rapid growth, but  metal packaging industry in China share and metal packaging consumption per capita is still significantly below the global average, and there is still huge room for development in the future. According to the statistics of the China packaging Federation metal container Committee, in 2012, the metal packaging in the world per capita consumption of $ 13.60, China's only $ 5.00.

2015-2020 China food packaging paper market research and investment research report shows the metal packaging industry in China in the coming years will continue to maintain a relatively fast pace of development.The average annual growth rate is expected to reach more than 8%.To 2018, the metal packaging industry revenues will surpass 120 billion yuan.

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