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Tinplate Sheet Printing

Tinplate Can Printing

Tinplate can printing

SWKD utilize the world first-class metal printing equipment UV 8-color high speed metal printing line Germany KBA eight color machine being the fourth line in the world and first line in China, two printing production lines of six color manufactured by Kobold of Germany and one Japan Fuji double color printing machine.

Meanwhile, it is equipped with international advanced plate making equipment -- Kodak CTP system. After the newly added laminated steel program starts operating, SWKD will become the largest metal packaging base in China. Future construction of packaging design center, quality and safety testing center, customer experience and sales service center would enable us to build a solution-based company with proprietary brand and intellectual property rights covering package design, manufacture and service.

Printing Line

8-color Uv metal printing line,Germany KBA eight color machine Being the fourth line in the world and first line in China.

Adopt new technology of CTP plate making,new process of FM printing

Brand new model of printing and transmitting

Achieve fully automatic control with intelligent gripper

Automatic plate and inkin

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