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  • Printing Line

    Printing Line[08-11]

    SWDK adopts one eight-color KBA UV metal printing machine, one six-color KBA UV plus UV varnishing metal printing machine, one six color KBA UV mixed metal printing machine plus traditional LTG drying …

  • Electrolytic Tinplate Unit

    Electrolytic Tinplate Unit[08-11]

    The electrolytic tinplate unit fills in the market blank of Northern part of China. Electrolytic tinplate integrates the advantages of steel and tin. It brings excellent properties of formability and s…

  • Double Stand Temper Mill Unit

    Double Stand Temper Mill Unit[08-11]

    The Double Stand Temper Mill represents the most advanced UCM Double Stand Temper Mill with 6 rollers in the world. The products are in good quality and the automatic level of the unit is in high level…

  • All Hydrogen Batch Annealing Furnace Unit

    All Hydrogen Batch Annealing Furnace Unit[08-11]

    All hydrogen batch annealing furnace units are independent innovation achievement created by Baosteel. It adopts mature, reliable, integrated, economical and advanced technology and equipment to ensure…

  • Pickling Line Tandem Cold Rolling Mill

    Pickling Line Tandem Cold Rolling Mill[08-11]

    Our company's Pickling Line Tandem Cold Rolling Mill technology and equipment resent the most advanced technology and equipment in the world. We utilized technology from Mitsubishi Hitachi UCM Rolling …

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